Moment – Bruce Lee Club Series

(Moment| 21st November, 2012)

Moment – Bruce Lee Club Series


Moment Magazine (Mainland timepieces magazine) is featuring Memorigin's Bruce Lee Club Series in issue 80.


Case diameter: 44mm

Modern type of stainless steel case coated with black PVD

80 hours power reserve

Co-axial Tourbillon

Twin mainspring barrel

The balance wheel and the escapement system encircle the center of balance wheel

Gold plated “Nunchaku” hour/minute hands

Black ceramic dial

18K gold “Bruce Lee” sculpture

Silver “Victoria harbor view” sculpture

Genuine crocodile leather strip

Memorigin is a brand that is established by the top designers and watch collectors in Hong Kong. All the design inspirations are from the unique Hong Kong style – the merge of Chinese and Western cultural elements. Especially, Memorigin is proud of publicizing the Hong Kong spirit that let the World know about the tourbillon watch from Hong Kong. On the other hand, this year is the 7th year anniversary of establishment of Bruce Lee statue. To tribute the contribution of Bruce Lee, 3 parties, Memorigin, MONTROUGE and Bruce Lee Club, coordinated in a project that launched a tourbillon watch for limited edition. For promoting the moral of Kung Fu and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, the Bruce Lee club aims to lead the teenagers to know more about this legendary celebrity. As Memorigin is a brand that appreciates the Hong Kong spirit, it is extremely perfect to use Bruce Lee, an icon of Hong Kong, as the design inspiration of the tourbillon watch.



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