Star of the Century Bruce Lee Statue"Star of the Century" Bruce Lee Statue

Bruce Lee (1940-1973), the founder of Jeet Kune Do, in a short live time of 32 years, has created a revolutionary influence on the world martial arts legacy. Bruce Lee was not only a "super actor", an incredible martial artist, but was a true human being that was "honestly expressing himself", either in philosophical way or in physical way.

Therefore, the world-renowned Kung Fu icon was conferred "Star of the Century Award" by HK Film Awards Association in March, 2005. A 2-metre tall bronze statue of Lee is made to commemorate this special event.

The idea of erecting a Bruce Lee statue is in fact came from Bruce Lee Club, in order to transform the collective memory of Hong Kong people towards Bruce Lee into valuable and intangible assets of local tourism industry. The statue, its design based on on-line voting by Bruce Lee fans around the world, will be erected on the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong on the 27th Nov, 2005; that is the 65th Birthday of Bruce.

The statue is carved by Prof. Cao Chong-en, the most famous sculptor from mainland China. Besides, Mr. Shannon Ma, the established 3D animator and Mr. Yuen Tai-yung, the Hong Kong famous cartoonist, are appointed as the graphic advisor of the works. The international renowned sinologist, Prof. Rao Zong-yi, has also presented his distinguished Chinese calligraphy on Bruce Lee Statue.


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