MONTROUGE is the subsidiary high-end brand of Memorigin, which mainly concentrates on R&D of precision technology, and crossover with celebrity, arts and cultural community for design project. MONTROUGE launches high collection value tourbillon watches which manufacture with precious materials, to satisfy watch lovers’ unique requirement.

The meaning of ‘The “C” shaped dragon’

The original meaning of MONTROUGE is ‘The “C” shaped dragon’, which is the most representative item of Hongshan jades. After research the “C” shaped dragon was proved by archaeologist, it was the first image of the dragon in China, and so MONTROUGE takes the “C” shaped dragon as its trademark design’s blueprint. MONTROUGE also means “The Red Mountain”, which in honor of the Hongshan culture and the Frencharchaeologist Pierre Tilhard and E. Licenth whom discovered Hongshan culture.




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